Monday, 29 July 2013

Jo Luckstead Ceramics

I love ceramics and I am a huge fan of this page.

Jo makes the loveliest, quirky ceramic creations, including sculptures, buttons, jewellery and bowls.

There is such a variety of items in Jo's Etsy shop and everyone of them is gorgeous.
I found it very hard to choose just one to feature.

Etsy shop

I love this so much .....

Ceramic mini hanging planter - Piper - chocolate brown and red-succulent or air plant


  1. Thank you so much! what a great blog- so lovely to raise the awareness of handmade products...I'm off to have a little browse through your archives!

    1. My pleasure Jo - I love your work.

  2. This is so cute - would love a link to Jo's Etsy shop.

  3. So sorry missed off Jo's facebook link and Etsy shop link - have added now :)